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This is the page where you can set up a memory for a feline companion you have lost. Send me some words and pictures, if you want your cat to be remembered here.


Elle's life was short - even for a cat: as those of you who visit Blue & White's Message Board will know, she died recently at the age of only three months. 
But three months can be enough for a pretty, affectionate soul like Elle to make a great impact on humans.
As Elle did - even this photo has that magnetism ...


- Hampton Court's Chastity

Maggie was a British Shorthair cat who - by tortuous paths - came to live with me around seven years ago.
She was ten years old, when she started having trouble with osteoarthritis in her back. When her sciatic nerve was also compromised, things could only go one way: for the worse. That's why I and the vet decided that Maggie should be put down before it got really rough for her. 
Maggie was, as is typical for the breed, a quiet kitty. But she was also extremely attached to "Dad" and was always around me when I was at home.
Maggie has had one litter,  men the delivery was so difficult it almost killed Maggie so I decided it was the first and only time for her.
But motherliness never quite left Maggie - to the last she was a  highly cherished "adoptive mother" of the Russian Blue cat "Lillepigen" who in spite of her six years of age obstinately refuses to recognize she is not a kitten anymore.
I will never forget Maggie - already when she was still alive she had the strange ability to seem present even when she wasn't really there, and I don't think she'll loose that ability just because she is dead ....

Niels Peter

Maggie as a Mom

Maggie and her "adopted child",
the Russian Blue cat "Lillepigen"

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