(Malevitch Enchanting) Emma

is my foundation queen.
She was born on December, 29. 1994.
She has a very special place in "Daddy's" heart, because I got her two weeks after losing my wonderful Russian Blue male Jonatan. Emma is a spellbinding Russian Blue, who has inherited two important traits from her father, GIC Camelot’s Merlin Pendragon (Dutch import), namely an almost perfect fur quality and a loving temper. Her body structure is also good with the right leg length. Her only weak point is unfortunately one that the judges concentrate on - her profile. Quite frankly, Emma has a "ski hop" instead of the straight nose Russian Blues are supposed to have.
But with the right stud Emma had kittens that developed really well. Moreover - and this is just as important for a breeding female - she gave birth like others snap their fingers and she has always been a perfect and very patient mother. The upbringing kittens should have around their 10th to 12th week of age was often taken care of by my other cats because Emma put up with anything and everything from her kittens.
Nowadays Emma has retired and therefore spends all her time with "Daddy".

Click here if you want to see Emma's pedigree.

Int. Ch. Lion Osiris of Silver Blue (Emil)

is the young hope for the future to the spear side. He was born on August 3. 1999 and is already very promising. He has an enchanting profile and the most velvety fur quality I have ever seen in a Russian Blue. His temper is mild and at the same time fearless - he charmed himself into the cat family in under 24 hours.
Emil is a modern cat who likes to help "Daddy" out at the computer.
At cat shows he is as cool as a cucumber.

Click here if you want to see Emil's pedigree.

Malevitch Bullseye Dancing Queen,

born on March 8th 2002, is usually called Bully. She has recently moved in with me to become my new breeding female, when she is old enough. Her breeder is Maria Andersen, Malevitch Cattery.
Some of our friends are a bit miffed on her behalf because we have been rude enough to name a little, delicate and elegant lady like her Bully. The breeder, however, thinks it is a very appropriate name for her, and during the few days Bully has spent here, she has made herself tremendously respected among a whole litter of Korats and all the grown cats.
Oddly enough this has happened without her using any kind of force (at least while we have been watching).
Bully's lines go via Finland to Australia, which makes it likely that she will develop towards the English type of Russian Blue, which is a larger and more muscular cat than what is nowadays seen for example in Central Europe.
She has a light blue fur, but not so light it has turned into gray, and all in all she shows signs of becoming a very beautiful lady one day!

Click here if you want to see Bully's pedigree.

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