Turkish Van

by Solveig Christensen, Soyadi's

- is a very old breed that dates back to 1600 BC, where it was depicted on jewelry and seals.
Since it has lived in isolation by the lake of Van in eastern Turkey, it has evolved to cope with harsh cold in the winter and very hot summer.
In the winter it gets a very heavy coat, but only if it is allowed outside in a pen or on a leash, it is as if it says: If I live indoors, I don't need this large overcoat.
Since it's a cat that has adapted to nature through millenniums, they don't need any coat care, and in the Spring it sheds its winter coat as soon as the weather gets warm.
But it's a good thing to brush it through now and then, since you don't get the hair in the furniture that you catch in the brush, and since brushing will reduce the amount of hairballs to cough up.

Europe Champion Soyadi's T Van Alexander

Bjarke of Thrige as an angler
It's no secret that this cat likes water, even though some of them are more fond of it than others. We were taken a bit by surprise the first time we experienced this. One evening we were sitting in the living room and heard strange noises from the kitchen and we went out to see what it was. It was Bjarke catching fish while standing inside the aquarium where we keep our pond fish in the winter.
We have fenced in a corner of our garden pond together with the terrace to see how interested they are in water.
Even if it is cold, it doesn't bother them to
stand with their paws in the water, and they have crashed through the ice on the pond a couple of times, but when they get up, they shake their fur a bit and are then again interested in the water.
BUT if the water contains soap and is referred to as "bath", the interest dies out. It's like kids who think it's fun to play in a puddle of rain, but water and soap, no thanks. And since they are very intelligent, they at once find out if it's bathing time and then have to be dragged out from under couches and chairs.

The Van is an intelligent cat that quickly learns what's forbidden and what's OK, which doesn't necessarily mean it will abstain from the forbidden stuff. You can even talk with it, and it may even talk back at you if you  have scolded it, it prefers to  have the last word. It is a cat that needs just as much attention from it's owner as a dog.
In some ways it doesn't react quite like other cats; it is said, for example, that a
strong cat will sit in high places in order to have a good overview of things, this doesn't apply to Vans; a scared or insecure Van will take a high position whereas the strong Van  will lie on the floor.
A male neuter Van does not loose its position in the hierarchy either, it will win itself a position and if other cats hit at it, it will fight back.
If you have other cats or a dog, you will always find that the Van is the dominant animal.

Int. Ch. Soyadi's Bolu

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