Little, but useful tips

Here you'll find all the tips that couldn't make up a whole article but nevertheless may come in handy. Some of them are my own, some have been sent in by users of the site.
This tip on harness and leash training was sent in by a user:
I wanted to add a couple of helpful hints to harness and leash training. I have found that a really long leash with about half the length trailing along on the ground in front of kitty acts as a lure to bring kitty along.
As kitty chases the end of the leash as you walk slowly, praise kitty. Also, keep a slow pace. Cats like to stop and check everything out.
This is one of my own:
If you have trouble getting out the door without the cat slipping with you, try backing out. That way you have your eyes on the cat all the time and it will be easier to outmanoeuvre it.

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