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This page is meant to illustrate how much fun it can be to be owned by cats.
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"Sorry, pal!"

"I like happened to eat everything!"
- contributed by Stine Joergensen

After all the talk about Bonsai cats Aurora,
Norwegian Forest Cat, thought she'd give it a try:

Contributed by Else Gyldenkerne

Cat Yawning at TV
Gala here seems to think the badminton
they show on TV is terribly boring!

Cat In a Tall Tree
A very dangerous panther in a tree.
Its name is Dali ...

Contributed by Elisa Buchardt

Maritime Story with a Happy Ending

This is a silly story with a happy ending...
Each night when I get home from work I am greeted by my rescued Blue, Sable. One night she greeted me looking like Popeye the Sailor-- with one eye open and one tightly shut. It was like playing peek-a-boo.
Sable would not open the closed eye. I carefully examined her and found no obvious problem though the closed eye was a little watery. The next morning, Sable was still one-eyed. I called the vet and got an afternoon appointment. At the examination, the vet tested the eye with an ultraviolet stain. There was a corneal abrasion! I wear contact
lenses so I know that this is a painful though quickly healing injury. Eye drops were prescribed by the vet. Sable was not thrilled with the medicine but she healed in a couple of days without complications.
As I grow rare plants, I think the kitty was playing with the dried flower stalk from an African Gasteria (like an Aloe) and go stabbed on the eye. That's the only harmful item I could every identify.
Sable has not injured her eye since even though I still grow some Gasterias indoors. I love looking at both her green eyes and don't want Popeye to visit again!
Contributed by Debra Korobkin, Phoenix, Arizona

Help! An Awful Experience!

Pakhdi (right) with his father, Charlie.

Dear friends, I want to tell you a little about how one is treated in this house, just because one is becoming a real male...
Sorry to intrude onto your turf, but I am really upset at being treated this way! In the beginning one is allowed to play and romping the whole house, then suddenly one day the door to the kitchen is closed - one can only be in the bathroom and the cellar where the washing machine and dryer are. Luckily the floor is heated out there... and the stairs are fun to play on. Bro is also here, so it is not so bad. Though it is sad not to get as much attention and not to be able to go out into the yard (sigh!) Just because one has learned that when one becomes a male, one must mark one's doesn't even smell bad yet!
The worst thing that happens is when suddenly, while one is enjoying oneself best on the heated bathroom floor, one is screwed into a diaper! How degrading! One also gets scared - this diaper tightens just above the hips, the hind legs are completely paralyzed. One is teased by Bro, but that can be handled. But one can't walk, one can only drag the hind legs. In the end one loses one's patience with dragging oneself around on the floor. One starts to attempt to walk - without the use of one's paralyzed hind legs. One ends up doing strange and wild hops - one gets even more scared and jumps even more wildly. The diaper stays on, but the plant in the windowsill can't always handle being thrown on the floor. Camilla took hold of me and tried to calm and soothe me by saying the diaper wasn't so bad - but I just couldn't agree with her. I started hyperventilating a little and shivering intensely. Finally she felt sorry for me and removed the diaper. And lo and behold! - I could walk again immediately - even though the knees on my hind legs were still trembling a bit. Why did I have to suffer so much? You might think I overreacted and Camilla was too soft - but I am sure other male cats understand me! Just ask them!
with upset regards, Primprau's Ditakah PakhDi (Eight months male today)
Edited by Camilla

Cat Helps Little Boy Picking Rowanberries
Nikolai (left) and Mr. Skunk help each other picking rowanberries.
Contributed by Helle Riis.
Some revealing pictures
from Emil’s New Year's party:

Unfairly enough, he didn't even have a hang-over the next day ...

This is not an unusual sight for a cat breeder
- except for the fact that both cats are female ....

"Isn't my body-guard a lot more handsome than
the one Whitney Houston had in that movie?"
Contributed by Solvejg Schiörmann

As an exception, one of my own:

Altan.jpg (9863 bytes)Moggie Jesper was a very reflective cat who made many observations and contemplations. When he encountered snow for the first time in his life it was almost impossible to force him in from the balcony again: he had found out that snow melts when you touch it, and this interesting fact fascinated him so much that he was melting snow for twenty whole minutes. When he finally got tired and came back into the apartment, he had melted approximately one square meter!

Ominous atmosphere

It sent a shiver down AN's spine, when one day she came home tired from work. For she wasn't too tired to be sure she had turned off all lights before leaving in the morning.
But the light was on now in the bedroom, and weird, rustling and sniffing sounds were heard...
When she ventured in there, there was nothing to see, so she turned out the light and sat down with the newspaper in the living-room.
Then the light went on in the bed-room again, and the weird sounds started all over! AN went in there with shaking knees - but again there was nothing to see.
This repeated itself a couple of times until the culprit was found: her cat Fister was very interested in a coat hanging on the wall, and in order to reach up and sniff at it, he had to put his front paws on the wall and thereby the switch ....

The Big Game Hunter

July evening, it is still bright outside in spite of the late hour, best to take the evening stroll across the site to see if any tools have been forgotten outside. Going down the stairs, going round the corner under the balcony and spotting a roe deer that stuffs itself with the flowers with a good appetite.
Just as I'm about to chase it away, I spot something moving in the grass. What is it? Then I see that it is Ture (at the time one year old) sneaking up, he obviously doesn't notice me but is totally fixed on the deer.
I stay absolutely calm to see what will happen next. Ture is sneaking closer and closer. "No, but he can't be planning to …but how is this going to end, the deer must surely spot him" . But no, the deer is still munching, then Ture stops to assume the attack position, you know like they do, when they're close to their prey.
Just as I'm thinking "this can't be happening", Ture jumps. He lands with all four paws on the shoulder of the deer. Both are equally scared, the deer runs for dear life in one direction, and Ture in the other.
Then Ture stops, sees me and comes running towards me with his tail lifted as if to say "I was really good there, wasn't I?"
I turn away so he can't see I'm ready to burst with laughter. Then I take the cat on my arm and go inside, the tools must wait.

© Inger Winroth


- Russian Blue female, obviously has ambitions of a career as a switchboard operator. At least she some times answers the phone. This caused the following article in the house organ at her owner's new job:
"I was to take our new man, Jesper Nissen, with me around for some days, so he could learn a little about the company and today's rough conditions in the trade.
A couple of days before we were to meet I called up Jesper to confirm our appointment and say hello to our new consultant.
The phone was answered, and it sounded as if Jesper fell out of his bed and down on the floor.
A little groaning was heard - and then nothing else happened!
Oh, well, this could happen to anyone, not hearing the alarm clock - even though it was now almost 9:30 in the morning.
I said HELLO a couple of times, since I could hear there was someone in the other end of the line, but Jesper didn't really want to talk to anyone!
Everything indicated that we had engaged a very, very shy consultant and the whole thing ended with me sending him a fax.
Jesper came and we had some really fine days together.
One day Jesper then told me that he had a little problem with one of his cats:
The cat couldn't leave his phone alone. Every time it rang, she took the receiver off the hook!
Jesper hadn't been at home at all when I tried to call him.
So Jesper wasn't shy, and I hadn't spoken to a "moaner" that day.
Instead a little curious cat had had its trouble expressing itself clearly to me.
But Jesper's cat won't probably ever become a good switchboard operator."

© Niels Peter Hansen and the individual contributors.

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