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Älvdansens - Swedish breeder of Norwegian Forest Cats.

aliet.gif (1070 bytes)Aliets sida about the charming breed of Devon Rex.

The title says it all: this is not about little cute kitties, but about those you wouldn't like to meet in a dark alley. Interesting site with a lot of good pictures.

Banben.jpg (3228 bytes)Interesting Swedish site about a fascinating breed

BlueSapphire - elegant and captivating site on Sacred Birmans

camischa.jpg (3224 bytes)

Coccolami's British Shorthair

Fecabanner.gif (7103 bytes)Danish site about the two charming breeds of Bengal and Somali.

fifemain.gif (2844 bytes)- the international cat fanciers' association in Europe.


Gingko Norwegian Forest Cats

jadeye.gif (19532 bytes)- elegantly designed breeder page.

kwbanner.jpg (7774 bytes)Elegant cats on an elegant page!

kosmos.jpg (8661 bytes) with one of the best descriptions of the Russian Blue temper I have ever seen.

lillith.jpg (8058 bytes)

My Russian Blues - excellent Russian Blue site.

skovring.gif (913 bytes)- Danish club for owners of Norwegian Forest Cats.

Peavybanner.gif (8559 bytes)The site for you if like to look at Devons!

Dansk_Logo_Lille.gif (9975 bytes)Danish Siamese and Oriental breeder.

primprau.jpg (6079 bytes) - so far the only Danish breeder of this little, lovely blue cat from Thailand.

sagastars.jpg (3003 bytes)Swedish breeder of Sacred Birmans.

Sinikoskas Russian Blue - impressive Swedish Russian Blues

softspot.gif (6212 bytes)Charming Ragdolls - and a lot of good tips about making your own cat beds, scratching posts etc.

Susanlittlebanner.jpg (3981 bytes)- Canadian vet with a vast feline experience and a very interesting website.

trejinabanner.jpg (13988 bytes)


Zilarrezko Russian Blue - beautiful Swedish Russian Blues!

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