About me

Hi, my name is Niels Peter! If you have already surfed the site a bit, you will know that my full-time interest in life is cats.
This interest was founded in my childhood; our neighbor was an elderly lady who was the local "cat lady" and there were cats everywhere in her home. As she was also a caring lady who liked children a lot peace, quiet and homely coziness on the one hand and cats on the other hand were connected for me for ever.
My first cat in my adult life was the domestic shorthair Kasper. Kasper was from Inges Kattehjem (a Danish rescue) where he confirmed the theory that it is the cat who chooses its human and not the other way round. My partner at the time, Anny, and I were presented with a great number of cats (there will never a be a shortage of cats looking for a good home), and I vaguely remember Anny trying to get me interested in many little heartbreakers.
All was in vain for a large "tuxedo-colored" male neuter was circling around me and finally stretched up against me and demanded to be lifted. This turned out to be a sensation as never since did Kasper like to be held. The first thing to happen after we arrived home was that Kasper took refuge under the couch. He would only appear when there was food and it was only in the "eating situation" we could pet him. This was the founding of a lifelong weight problem...
Slowly but surely Kasper regained his trust in humans or at least in us. He was never completely safe around people in general.
Later Kasper and I moved together, and one day it dawned on me that Kasper was not quite happy with being at home alone all day. That’s how moggie Jesper (result of an unplanned mating at one of my friends') arrived. It turned out that even though Kasper could be quite unsocial with people, he was extremely happy with other cats.
 He was the anchor for many years in the constantly growing cat team till he had to be put down at the ripe age of 10 years because he showed clear signs of senility. This is not a problem we humans have a monopoly on...
My first pedigreed cat was Jonatan (he had to have that name since I now had a Kasper and Jesper - there is a Scandinavian children's story about a threesome called Kasper, Jesper and Jonatan). Unfortunately he died when he was 3 years old of an unusually complicated incident of F.U.S. (=Feline Urologic Syndrome = bladder stones). That was a great loss for me for the like of such a wonderful cat has never existed.
  A few weeks later the Russian Blue club decided it was time to get me into breeding, so I received a telephone call from the chairman at the time, who let me know that a little lady was waiting for me somewhere on Zealand. The little lady was called Emma. She became and still is "the boss of my life".
There have been many other cats in my life , some of them you can read about under "My Cats", but Emma is "the Queen".
 My breeder name Blue & White was my first priority on the application. The name refers to the special Russian Blue fur with the blue bottom and the white silver sheen.

Lately I've become part of a "merger", since on Whit Saturday 2001 I married Camilla Baird, who breeds the relatively rare, but very interesting and charming breed of Korats. Check out her homepage here.
Joining the two very different cat groups has gone off more smoothly than we expected, considering how different tempers the two breeds are endowed with.

About this page

It is my intention that this page with time - in collaboration with others - will develop into a bank of information about cats.
I have opened a "Q&A" section, where everyone can ask about cat care and behavior. Of course I don’t know everything, even though I have gathered some experience over the years, but I know a lot of knowledgeable people (who willingly share their knowledge) so I will certainly be able to reply to most questions.
The recurring questions I will try to write small articles about. To start with I have made a "Tip of the Month" section, where I will write about the things I am asked about the most. Sometimes it will also be about more "advanced things" if I find a good article somewhere and I may "borrow" it.

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